Elle Maze
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Hey guys, my EP is on Itunes, and I was also featured on Young Arts alumni CD! You can check out my EP (here), or learn about the Young Arts CD (here).

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Make sure to look out for my EP and collaboration album from Young Arts Week 2012, they are dropping soon!

Elle is a nationally and internationally acclaimed young artist. Shortly after her arrival in Nashville, she caught the ear of noted Music Row Publisher Russ Zavitson (Achy, Breaky Heart) who signed her to publishing and development deal. Since then, Elle has had the privilege of writing with some of the finest writers on the row. Now, Elle is armed with a killer band, lead by Lonestar (Already There, I'm Amazed) guitarist/co-founder Mike Britt.

Accolades are commonplace for Elle in her young career. As a high school senior, she was selected as a YoungArts winner in the category of popular vocal in 2007. Elle grabbed international attention as an Effigy Award winner for best Power Pop song for "If It Kills Me" in FameGames, a radio program created by Tony Cowell, brother of the infamous Simon. Four of her submissions made the FameGame finals, where Cowell referred to her as "the next Kelly Clarkson." A recent online review by Kristin Cifelli at Artist Development at We Are Listening called Elle's music "fabulous" and described her target audience as "fans of anyone from Sara Barellis to Kelly Clarkson to Paramore to Carrie Underwood."

Contact: Gillfish Entertainment
615-585-0554 | gilsville@aol.com